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The Comprehensive Program at the Seattle School of Homeopathy has been one of the most outstanding educational experiences I have ever had. Lucy Vaughters, a fabulous teacher in her own right, has brought together a truly wonderful group of teachers, each generously sharing his or her unique expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to homeopathy. The depth and quality of information is very satisfying. Many case studies bring the facts to life. Even more empowering, though, is the sense of common purpose, the fresh exchange of ideas, and the feeling of warm regard among all the diverse teachers and students.
-- Abby Petty Academic Counselor, Department of Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

The Foundation Year curriculum at Seattle School of Homeopathy offers breadth, depth, and flexibility for students who are seeking a comprehensive introduction to this complex and deeply gratifying system of healing. Exposure to a rich variety of theoretical positions and treatment approaches is enhanced by interactive engagement with experienced, clinically active faculty. Current controversies in the field are neither avoided nor exploited but serve as platforms for active classroom discussion, paving the way for each student to find her or his path in a discipline that benefits profoundly from independent and thoughtful effort.
William Rogers II, MD, MPH

Studying Homeopathy has been a long time dream of mine. This is my first year at Seattle School of Homeopathy, and I am thrilled with the program. The teachers are knowledgeable, the curriculum challenging, and the support fantastic.
-- Julia Hehn, M.A., elementary school teacher and mother to 27 (!)

This school has exceeded all my expectations! Every study weekend has been a pleasant surprise, with knowledgable teachers and interesting study material. I would recommend SSH to anyone seriously interested in homeopathy. -- Mona Hall, care giver, SSH student

I come from a great distance ten times a year to attend the program at the Seattle School of Homeopathy. I chose this school because of the teachers and the program content. As you know, the study of homeopathy is a HUGE process. The approach Lucy Vaughters and her colleagues utilize is very logical yet intuitive. The material is well organized and presented in a very learnable way. The staff loves this work and is willing to be available for help as needed. I am very overwhelmed at the moment with all the material, yet I wouldn't trade this experience if I were offered a million dollars. -- Nancy J Soliven DC, MD, LMT, CST-D

I am totally immersed in the Seattle School of Homeopathy's learning environment. I feel a downpouring of enthusiasm, encouragement, support and love from my peer students, as well as from our teachers (all of them excellent), and from Lucy, our director. -- Renata, acupuncturist, SSH class of '09

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This is my dream school! For many years I wondered what more could be done to help my clients heal. I feel like I am finally in the right place learning the right thing. The Seattle School of Homeopathy has opened a whole new chapter of my life and a whole new channel in my being. It is very inspiring to think about how the deepest layers of the human condition can be touched and transformed through this gentle yet powerful work.

Mishka Morris, LMP